a flyer for the White Awake Caucus

An Online Caucus with White Awake

White Awake, a community building and educational organization focused on healthy social change, is holding a series of online caucuses in June and July 2020.

From White Awake’s website: White Awake’s Study, Support and Action caucus is a series of informal, online meetings designed to help white folks cultivate emotional resilience and political clarity as we participate in this moment. Study materials will be oriented toward people who are new to an exploration of race and solidarity, though participants with more experience in these areas are more than welcome to join.

In our time together we will:
  • Study: Each week will include time to reflect on assigned study materials that shed light on the roots of white supremacy and police violence in this country, the connection of these things to an economic system that harms all of us, and strategies for building strong, multiracial coalitions to challenge them.

  • Support one another: Our group meetings will be facilitated to encourage vulnerability and honesty. Facilitators and participants can help answer questions and direct folks to deeper learning as desired.

  • Take action: Meeting conversations and materials shared will highlight an array of opportunities to make an impact within this moment and/or commit ourselves to engagement in long-term struggle for positive social change.

Please visit their website to learn more and to register.


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