Inclusion and equity work is best when it is collaborative, intentional, and includes stakeholders at all levels of an organization. It is this philosophy which drives the structure of committee work for the Office of Inclusive Excellence. We rely on our committee members, who together represent a plethora of university offices, for input and direction on a variety of initiatives.

Assessment Group for Diversity Issues
  • Purpose: The Assessment Group for Diversity Issues constructs and conducts the Employee Climate Survey. The Employee Climate Survey represents a positive step toward documenting institutional values of inclusiveness and diversity, integrity and mutual respect, opportunity and access, and accountability. 
Bias Assessment Team
  • Purpose: Reviews the reported incidents of bias and makes recommendations for next steps. 
Bystander Intervention Group
  • Purpose: This group has been tasked to review national trends regarding bystander or pro social behavior. Our committee is in the process of interviewing other campuses regarding their university or system wide bystander campaigns and determine if this is something which should be developed at CSU.
Consultation Team for Incidents of Bias
  • Purpose: The Consultation Team for Incidents of Bias coordinates University response to incidents of bias to ensure appropriate, timely institutional response, support for impacted populations, effective communication, systematic deployment of resources, and clear articulation of institutional values and expectations.
Diversity Symposium Planning Committee
  • Purpose:
    The Diversity Symposium Planning Committee’s goal is to assist with the organization, planning, and coordination efforts of the annual Diversity Symposium. The symposium is a university sponsored week-long function which offers a multitude of diversity-oriented sessions on campus. 
First Generation University Initiative
  • Purpose: The First Generation University Initiative (FGUI) is a group of staff and faculty members who have volunteered to organize, collaborate across departments, develop strategies, brainstorm outreach opportunities, and provide support for all our First Generation college students. This group was initially formed after a message from Tony Frank asked faculty and staff to identify if they were First Generation college graduates.
Operations Team for Diversity
  • Purpose: The Operations Team for Diversity (OT4D) was initially created By Blanche Hughes when she was the interim Vice President for Diversity from January 2010 – July 2010. OT4D was created to assist the Office of the Vice President for Diversity in Advancing the Diversity Agenda of CSU. OT4D meets on a bi-weekly basis.