Feb-Mar: Stanford Refuge: Queerness, Spirituality, Religion

The Inaugural Stanford Speaker Series on Queerness, Spirituality, and Religion. All events will be virtual over Zoom. You must register to receive a Zoom link. People of all identities, backgrounds, spiritualities, religions, and/or walks of life are welcome.


To learn all that you can, we strongly encourage you to sign up for as many (if not all) of our panels, as the series is designed to provide a sequential learning experience!

The Inaugural Stanford Speaker Series on Queerness, Spirituality, and Religion is the first speaker series in Stanford’s history to highlight, empower, and feature the work which LGBTQ+ leaders, activists, and spiritual practitioners are doing in spiritual communities and/or religious institutions. This seven week series will feature over 20 speakers from 7 different faith traditions. Each panel event will center the work of all speakers and offer question & answer opportunities to the audience. Altogether, this landmark series is intended to spark questions, reflection, and transformative practice at the intersections of queer life, identity, and history with spiritual practice, religious institutions, and faith traditions. This speaker series is being organized and led by Refuge, Stanford University’s community program for all LGBTQIA+ members of the Stanford community on a spiritual and/or religious path.

Please note that no panels will be recorded. This is to ensure and protect the privacy of the audience members. Real-time captioning will be provided for this event. If you need any other disability-related accommodation, please contact: Diane Abundabar, email: dianea1@stanford.edu. If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Refuge student coordinator Matthew Haide Zheng at mhzheng (at) stanford.edu.


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