February 5: Transgender Inclusivity for Business Owners & Managers

NoCo SafeSpace LGBTQIA+ will sponsor a seminar called Transgender Inclusivity for Business Owners & Managers.

This seminar is designed for business management and owners to explore furthering their inclusivity toward our local Transgender community.

Transgender Inclusivity for Business Owners & Managers Seminar
Monday, February 5
5:30pm – 8:00pm
Old Town Library
Tickets are free!

Seminar Schedule:

30-45 minutes will be spent in learning updated terminology and the most respectful ways to be inclusive to all community members.

The next hour will be panel style with Transgender community members, hearing their stories and respectfully asking them about their experiences within their NoCo Community as a consumer.

We will finish with an introduction to wrap-around resources that are available for you as well as LGBTQIA+ community members.

This event crosses dinner hour, please plan accordingly and feel free to bring something to get you through.

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