November 30: ‘Here I Am’ Women Fostering Community at CSU

‘Here I Am,’ is an open dialogue for women at CSU to express their different perspectives, ideas and questions.

‘Here I Am” is a student-created space for women to hear each other and be heard, and to know each other and be known. In our current political climate, it is important to have a space for women to come together to share and listen to each other’s experiences and struggles. In this conversation, we want to celebrate each other’s identities and aspirations as we collaborate on how we can better support one another.

Open Dialogue
Thursday, November 30th
Newsom Hall 

RSVP is optional.

Join us for an evening of fostering community among CSU women and free beverages! Please extend this invitation to the women in your network. We look forward to knowing you!

Please direct any questions or concerns to Mallory Wolff, at:

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