October 12th: “Why Didn’t You?”

October is Conflict Resolution Month and the Student Resolution Center is excited to host an event titled, “Why Didn’t You?” about having difficult conversations related to race on a university campus.

Why Didn’t You?” with Affinity Arts
Thursday, October 12th
4:30 – 6:30 PM
Lory Student Center Grey Rock Room

When a racist incident happens to a professor within the classroom, a student of color also feels the impact. Through a short theatrical scene and facilitated, interactive question and answer opportunity with the characters, this popular Affinity Arts performance explores how the dynamics of race and white privilege influence learning environments for students. It also explores how white people can be more effective allies and take part in difficult interactions around racism.

Please contact Ilse Flores at the Student Resolution Center for more information by calling 970.491.7165.

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