October 8: Deafies in Drag

Deafies in Drag started making videos in 2015, Selena Minogue and Casavina The Fabulous, are the comedian duo in Deafies In Drag Show.

They are both Deaf, Latinx, and Queer Drag Queens who perform and create shows for YouTube and Facebook. The Show talks about Deaf’s Struggles, language barriers, and Educating folx about the life of the Deaf community through comedy. Deafies in Drag Attendance is Free Priority Seating will be held at the front of the room for Deaf and hard-of-hearing guests

October 8, 2019
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Lory Student Center North Ballroom 

For more information or for accommodations please call 970-491-4342 or visit us at prideresourcecenter.colostate.edu

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