September 27th: Diversity Symposium- On Becoming Chingona

CSU’s Office of the Vice President for Diversity is proud to host their annual Diversity Symposium! Click here for more information.

On Becoming Chingona
Wednesday, September 27th
9:15 – 10:15 AM
Lory Student Center Room 372-374
Presenters: Carmen Rivera, Talent Manager for Organizational Development for the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs; and Fabiola Mora, Assistant Director for the Community for Excellence Scholar Programs at CSU.

Being a Chingona is both a choice and an honor. It is a constant state of mind, not to be taken lightly. The emergence of chingona as a personal identifier/attitude/characteristic is a reclamation of identity for many Latinas. While it once was and can sometimes still be seen as a curse word in Spanish, it is a call to how we as Latinas can focus on our greater good, liberation, and self-care. Being chingona is not a singular thing. Rather, it is dynamic and personal but it focuses on the strength, power, and beauty that it is to be Latina. It calls on Latinas to be in community with each other. This session will explore the term and how people use it, and connect it to how it has fueled self-empowerment, liberation, and community.

Please call (970) 491-6849 for more information.

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