September 28th: Diversity Symposium- Towards a Black Feminist Manifesto for CSU

CSU’s Office of the Vice President for Diversity is proud to host their annual Diversity Symposium! Click here for more information.

Towards a Black Feminist Manifesto for CSU
Thursday, September 28th
9:15 – 10:15 AM
Lory Student Center Room 376-378
Presenters: T’Hani Holt, graduating senior in Social Work; Xavier Hadley, senior in English; Ratu Marutle, a junior in Anthropology; Shayla Monteiro, a graduating senior in Social Work and Women’s Studies; and Zelle Moore, a senior in Social Work/Dance with a minor in Women’s Studies.

This interactive workshop unveils the tenets of a Black Feminist Manifesto for CSU to promote spaces for the development of Black feminist praxes. Using the experiences of 13 students who attended Spelman’s Words of Fire conference last spring, it examines how listening, sharing, and growing together as they navigate spaces nurtures Black feminist thought. They engage in an open performative dialogue about Black feminism with the audience by recreating a Black Feminist space through poetry, poetic prose, images, rhythm, movement, and sound. They share lessons learned from that weekend about interdependence, interconnections, and healing among Black feminists.

Please call (970) 491-6849 with questions!

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