Thursdays: Being Black and… Series

CSU’s Black/African American Cultural Center (B/AACC) offers a discussion series entitled Being Black and… Discussions surround a variety of topics and are led by members of CSU faculty, students, and staff.

Being Black and… is held onThursdays at 4:00 PM in Lory Student Center room 300.

February 2nd: Being Black and Religious
Led by Dr. Ray Black
This discussion surrounds the stereotypes vs the history of African American religion, spirituality and the church as an organization and community center. Several of the questions we will engage in are: What is it to be Black and believe? What is the role of discrimination and racism in being a spiritual African American?

February 9th: Being Black and Bi/Multi-Racial
Led by Dr. Vincent Basile
In a society obsessed with pre-determined labels and systems of oppression based on ever-changing rules of heredity and false narratives of genetic hierarchies, being multi-racial or bi-racial presents a unique set of challenges. Often feeling constrained by checkboxes and fatigued from a constant barrage of explaining and defending our racial identities, the question of “What race are you?” can be a complex answer, one often compounded by feeling or being told by our own African American communities that we aren’t Black enough (in our physical appearance or other cultural markers), yet marginalized because of our Blackness by other ethnic or racial groups with which we may identify. In this session we’ll explore these challenges along with celebrating the unique strengths, beauty, and powerful insights being Black and multi/bi-racial provides us.

February 16th: Being Black and LGBT
Led by: Dr. Kyle Oldham
The intersectionality of our identities are complex, messy and often times overlooked. Our visible representation as being Black often is the only thing that is seen, where our identities as LGBT are either invisible or sometimes assumed based upon our actions and behaviors. As a community we must discuss the historical context, ramifications of our thoughts, actions and beliefs on community development and self-esteem and importance of shared experiences and life stories for our future success as a community.  Come discuss, learn and evolve your perspective on Being Black and LGBT.

February 23rd: Being Black and a Feminist
Led by:  Dr. Karina Cespedes
Our black identities encompass several other components to make up our entire being is a message CSU students want their campus community to know.

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