Wednesdays: The Body & The Mind, A Group for Survivors of Interpersonal Trauma

The Women & Gender Advocacy Center will host, The Body & The Mind: A Group for Survivors of Interpersonal Trauma.

The Body & The Mind: A Group for Survivors of Interpersonal Trauma 
Wednesdays during the Spring 2018 semester

Each week will include a short practice of yoga, meditation, and/or breathwork, as well as time for processing together as a group. Students of any gender and ability level are encouraged to join. The group is free of charge, and will run for 8 weeks during the Spring 2018 semester.

Interested individuals can contact: or

Trauma is an experience of emotional and psychological overwhelm; when our minds cannot understand or process experiences, they often stay with us in our bodies. Yoga, breathwork, and mindfulness-based practices can provide treatment beyond talk therapy helping to alleviate the body’s experience of trauma. This is an 8 week group providing mindfulness skills, movement, and a space for survivors of interpersonal violence to explore the way trauma manifests in the body. Participants will learn mindfulness techniques to work with anxiety, post-traumatic symptoms, and depression — observing experiences in the body, and noticing them as they change.


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