Weekly: Social Justice Conversations

SLiCE Social Justice Conversations are continuing into Spring 2017. We are excited to announce the full schedule of events below! This semester we are partnering with APACC, B/AACC, El Centro, Pride Resource Center, NACC, RDS, WGAC, the Ethnic Studies Department, and Ethnic Studies in Action to develop critical dialogue and action around different topics such as colonization, ableism, poverty, and more.

SLiCE Social Justice Conversations in LSC 212
*Tuesday conversations are 12:30-2:30pm and Wednesday conversations are 5-7pm

Social Justice Conversations are for CSU students to talk about the history of oppression, develop tools for dismantling oppressive systems, and build community at the same time. This is a safe space that empowers marginalized students, uses an anti-oppressive framework for facilitation, and develops action across multiple intersections of social justice issues.

Food will be served at these events.

What is White Supremacy? – Wednesday, February 15th

Anti-Ableism Activism – Tuesday, February 21st

Black Racial Battle Fatigue – Tuesday, February 28th

The History and Future of LGBTQ Activism/Advocacy – Tuesday, March 7th

Feminism in Action – Wednesday, March 22nd

Artivism and the Chicano Movement – Tuesday, March 28th

Asian/Pacific American History and Activism – Wednesday, April 5th

The Root Causes of Homelessness – Tuesday, April 11th

Colonization and Sexual Violence Against Native Women – Wednesday, April 19th

What’s Next? The Future of Grassroots Activism – Tuesday, April 25th

Please contact Michael by email at michael.pupiales@colostate.edu or phone at (970) 491-0444 with questions.

Additional Events

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