A message from the VPD

Support for Undocumented & Immigrant Communities

January 26, 2021

Dear CSU Community,

This past week, President Biden signed several Executive Orders that directly impact many members of our university community, including our DACA, ASSET, and Undocumented communities, international students, staff, and faculty, and our LGBT2SQ community, among others. The Office of the Vice President for Diversity is tracking diversity, equity, and inclusion-related Executive Orders on our website, if you would like to learn more.

Today we are writing to specifically address our Dreamer, DACA, ASSET, and Undocumented communities, as well as our international community members. The recent Executive Order on Preserving and Fortifying DACA is a promising, hopeful step – a bit of good news after several tumultuous years. While we celebrate this important event, we also recognize that it is indeed a small step on a long path; there is a lot of important work ahead.

We recognize that many folks within our greater Undocumented community are hesitant to fully embrace this new Executive Order, as we’ve witnessed previous administrations over-promise and under-deliver, leaving thousands of individuals in limbo. The lingering impacts of this trauma don’t simply go away overnight. Colorado State University affirms the need to continue working and advocating for a codified and clear path to citizenship, so that our Undocumented community members may truly rest easily.

Last Wednesday, President Biden also signed a Proclamation on Ending Discriminatory Bans on Entry to the United States. This Executive Order revokes restricted travel and visa application processes for individuals from several majority-Muslim countries, as well as additional Asian, African, and South American countries. State departments have already been instructed to resume visa processing and the order calls for improved screening and stronger inter-agency information sharing. This decision has direct impacts on many of our students, staff, and faculty, and several CSU offices are working hard to help these individuals navigate the new processes going forward.

To our Undocumented and international community members: CSU supports you at every stage of your journeys. Our offices, together with partners across the entire university, commit to continuing proactive and transparent communications as new federal decisions are made public; to taking action to support our students and community; to creating a campus climate that makes you feel welcomed and valued; and to advocating for legislation when possible. We will work to keep you informed as these processes unfold so that you are empowered with clear information about direct impacts any new federal decisions may have on CSU policies or programs. And remember, Student Legal Services is available if you would like to discuss any stresses or concerns related to immigration cases or undocumented statuses.

With new hope and unwavering support for our entire CSU community,

Roe Bubar, Interim Vice President for Diversity

Joyce McConnell, President