Thank you for presenting at the 21st Annual Diversity Symposium! You can access the most up-to-date information on presentation titles, times, and descriptions on the Symposium landing page (this information will be released in September).

All sessions for the 2021 Diversity Symposium will take place virtually through the Zoom platform. A majority of presentations will be delivered live, save for 12 preselected sessions that will be recorded at an earlier time.

  • You will be given a specific Zoom link for your session. Please do not login to the link until 15 minutes prior to your session start time.
  • All sessions are 90 minutes long.
  • On the morning of your Symposium session, please be sure to check your internet connection and computer set-up.
  • Presenters will be assigned a trained moderator to help with the Zoom logistics such as admitting attendees from the virtual waiting room, assigning breakout rooms, and more. Moderators and presenters will be emailed a few weeks prior to the Symposium to “meet” one another and talk logistics.
  • If appropriate for your presentation format, honor the CSU Land Acknowledgment at the beginning of your session, either through reading the statement yourself or showing the video. You can access the text and video of the Land Acknowledgment on this website.
  • All Zoom accounts used for the 2021 Diversity Symposium will be equipped with auto-captioning. Please inform attendees at the beginning of your session that they can turn on this feature by selecting the “CC” at the bottom of their Zoom screen on the toolbar.

Presenter FAQ Sessions

All presenters must attend a Presenter FAQ Session in mid-October and dates/times will be available soon.

Looking for Photos or Resources?

Symposium Logos

Download the 2021 Diversity Symposium logos through the links below:

Presentation Template

Download the 2021 Diversity Symposium PowerPoint template below. Use of this template is optional.

Tips for Accessibility

Below are some important tips to make your presentations as accessible as possible. You can also check out the Accessibility By Design and the Assistive Technology Resource Center websites for more information.

  • Include alternative text with all visuals within your presentation. Visual content includes pictures, SmartArt graphics, shapes, groups, charts, embedded objects, ink, and videos.
  • Be sure to use high contrast color pairings for all presentation slides (for example: white background with black text).
  • Online inclusive meeting strategies document
  • Inclusive teaching tips document
  • Encourage attendees to turn on the Closed Captioning feature in Zoom by selecting the “CC” button at the bottom of the Zoom screen in the toolbar