The 2020 Social Justice Leadership Institute (SJLI) has been canceled in accordance with COVID-19 public health safety protocols. We look forward to seeing you in summer 2021 for our next SJLI. 

Over this two day retreat, participants gain key concepts for social justice education and implementation of inclusive policies and practices. Participants will explore what it means to infuse diversity and inclusion best practices into the life of a University.

The retreat will examine the manifestations of different forms of oppression on individual, group, and institutional levels. The systemic, institutionalized nature of oppression will be addressed. Participants will also discuss theories of racial/social identity development that can help in understanding oneself, others, and intergroup dynamics and aid in implementing social justice efforts. Strategies for change will be explored.

Participant Outcomes
• Identify the “business case” for creating an inclusive, socially just campus
• Recognize the full range of differences on campus
• Use an Inclusion Lens to analyze and revise policies and practices to create greater equity and inclusion on campus.
• Identify the breadth of multicultural competencies necessary for staff and faculty to support the academic and personal success of the full range of students on campus
• Discuss the challenges to leading a division-wide effort to create greater inclusion for students, faculty, and staff
• Identify next steps for leadership and organizational development

The Social Justice Leadership Institute takes place every summer at CSU and is offered to employees of the University for a fee of $250.