VPD Summer Priorities 2021

VPD Summer Priorities

As we approach the upcoming leadership transition in our office, VPD has worked to identify priority areas for the summer in order to lessen capacity strains on staff after this challenging academic year. While the following 8 priority areas do not encompass all of the work that will continue in our office this summer, our goal is to concentrate energies on these efforts to support one another as we each take time to step away, refocus, and prepare for a new leader.

Summer priority 1DEI Inventory

At the request of the Office of the President and with their support, VPD has been working to gather input from colleges and divisions on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and efforts occurring across campus. The data collection phase of the project recently completed and VPD staff are now cleaning up and organizing the raw data and will begin work on a comprehensive report in the coming months, with a goal to provide the report to the new VP and the President’s Office in early fall.

Summer priority 2Bias Reporting System

VPD staff support the work of the Bias Reporting System, in partnership with several university colleagues and offices through the Bias Assessment Team. This effort will continue to be a priority for our office as we work to receive bias reports, update semesterly aggregate data, and plan for a communications campaign to be launched in the fall.

Summer priority 3University Diversity Plans and Integration into the Courageous Strategic Transformation

Working in tandem with the Race, Bias, and Equity Initiative Council and the Office of the President, VPD staff are leading efforts to update and bridge the current University Diversity Plans with the planning for the Courageous Strategic Transformation. These comprehensive plans will continue to provide a measurable and cohesive strategy for DEI work at CSU while shifting to meet the needs of a revisioned university community through the CST.

Summer priority 4Diversity Symposium

The 2021 Diversity Symposium will be held virtually October 25 – 29. In partnership with the Diversity Symposium Planning Committee, event work is already well underway and will continue through the summer into the fall. Session proposal applications are now being accepted and the committee is working to also identify CSU Inspire presenters.

Summer priority 5Womxn of Color Network Summit Support

Each summer, the VPD works to support the Womxn of Color Network with their summer retreat planning. While in a virtual setting this year, the 2021 Summit is shaping up to be a half day of engaged dialogue, learning, and support. The keynote speaker portion of the event will also be open to all CSU students and employees. Keep an eye out for more information to be released in the coming week, but for now mark June 3rd on your calendar.

Summer priority 6DEI Trainings

In addition to planning, facilitating, and supporting current VPD diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings such as the Creating Inclusive Excellence Program, VPD staff will be working this summer to support DEI learning efforts across the university and enhance planned fall trainings. With assistance from a team of CSU facilitators, VPD conducts 10-30 trainings each month. VPD will also be offering scholarships to CSU employees interested in attending the NCORE conference to further DEI knowledge and skill building.

Summer priority 7Employee Climate Survey

With support from the Assessment Group for Diversity Issues, the next round of data collection for the Employee Climate Survey is scheduled for fall 2021. Launched in 2012, the survey is administered every three years to all faculty and staff to assess the current working environment at CSU and to inform strategic decisions and investments. The massive scale of the survey requires a concentrated amount of planning and effort and VPD will be prioritizing this work through 2022.

Summer priority 8DEI Collaborations & Committees

VPD supports university-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts through collaborations on a number of committees and groups, including the Commission on Diversity and Inclusion, the Equity and Inclusion Network, and the Race, Bias, and Equity Initiative. The work of each of these committees will continue through the summer and VPD will be focusing on enhancing communications channels to share each groups’ progress and efforts in the fall.