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Employee trainings

The Office of Inclusive Excellence provides a variety of diversity, equity, and inclusion training opportunities for CSU employees, which includes faculty, staff, and graduate students. The two primary programs include the Creating Inclusive Excellence Program and the Faculty Institute for Inclusive Excellence.

Employee DEI Trainings

Diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings are offered through an a la carte model facilitated by skilled diversity practitioners. These trainings are intended for State Classified, Administrative Professional, and Graduate Student employees but are also open to Faculty. Continue reading for more information.

Instructor DEI Trainings

The Faculty Institute for Inclusive Excellence is a year-long program for Faculty members that focuses on inclusive pedagogy, curriculum, and creating community in the classroom. Visit the FIIE page for more information and to register for the upcoming cohort.

Employee DEI Training Registration & Information

Registration for all DEI trainings is offered al la carte style through the Bridge learning tool. Training descriptions are available on this page and courses that require a prerequisite are indicated.

Creating Inclusive Excellence Certificate

Employees who complete all six Creating Inclusive Excellence Program courses will receive the CIEP Certificate. These courses are indicated by (CIEP _) text in the descriptions. Register for the program here ››

Skill Level: DEI Foundations

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Foundations (CIEP 1)

In this training you’ll learn CSU’s definitions of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); discuss why pursuing DEI is a best practice for any organization; and practice listening and storytelling as skillsets for understanding how we can better support our peers.

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Uncovering Bias (CIEP 2)

This interactive session will explore unconscious bias: what it is, how it forms, how it can affect ourselves and our peers, and what we can do to mitigate our own unconscious biases moving forward.

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Principles of Community

In this introductory session, participants will explore ways that CSU’s 5 Principles of Community (inclusion, integrity, respect, service, and social justice) can be put into practice to make our culture more equitable and welcoming for everyone.

  • Level: DEI Foundations
  • Competencies: A-1,4,5; B-2,6,7
  • Prerequisite: None
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Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Faculty and Staff

This discussion-oriented session will take participants through numerous best practices for the recruitment, hiring, promotion and retention of diverse employees and will ask participants to commit to one or more action items for how to improve their current practices and policies.

  • Level: DEI Foundations
  • Competencies: A-4,5,B-1,5,8; C-2,5,7 
  • Prerequisite: None  
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Intercultural Communication

Join us in this interactive session to learn about some helpful models and communication principles for interacting across cultural differences. We might share a language and still have very different ways of interacting depending on our cultural identities and social locations. Sometimes our cultural world views and resulting interaction patterns can be difficult to understand and navigate.  Learning ways to understand these cultural patterns can help us interact with our colleagues and serve our students more effectively.

  • Level: DEI Foundations
  • Competencies: A-4,5; B-2,4,7
  • Prerequisite: None
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Skill Level: DEI Intermediate

Social Construction of Identity (CIEP 3)

In this session participants will study the cycle of socialization, investigating how they came to hold certain beliefs about different populations through messages from family, media, and more. Participants will also discuss which social identity groups they are part of and how being a member of these groups impacts their lives.

  • Level: DEI Intermediate
  • Competencies: A-3,4,5,6; B-3
  • Prerequisite: CIEP 1 & 2 OR Inclusive Excellence 1 & 2
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Understanding Oppression (CIEP 4)

Building on the content from Social Identities, participants will interrogate how being a member of various social identity groups exposes different people to systems of oppression, benefiting some groups while harming others. Participants will explore the three levels of inequalities: individual, institutional, and structural.

  • Level: DEI Intermediate
  • Competencies: A-1,4,5; B-2,6; C-2,3
  • Prerequisite: CIEP 1, 2, 3 OR Inclusive Excellence 1 & 2 and CIEP 3
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Microaggressions and Inclusive Language (CIEP 5)

In this session participants will learn how to include more inclusive language in their day to day lives, as well as come to a better understanding of what microaggressions are and how we can work to learn more about and limit them in our interactions with others.

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Skill Level: DEI Advanced

Tools for Bystander Intervention (CIEP 6)

In this culminating session of the Creating Inclusive Excellence program, participants will use everything they have learned in previous classes about microaggressions, unconscious bias, identity, and oppression to make an action plan for how to move forward incorporating these learnings into their daily lives, how to keep learning, and others tools for intervening in problematic situations.

  • Level: DEI Advanced
  • Competencies: A-4,5; B-4,6,11
  • Prerequisite: CIEP 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 OR Inclusive Excellence 1, 2, & 3 and CIEP 4, & 5
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Multicultural Organization Development Model

In this advanced session participants will learn how to rate an organization’s progress towards equity and inclusion using the Multicultural Organization Development Model, including how to identify next steps for growth.

  • Level: DEI Advanced
  • Competencies: A-4,5; B-3, C-2,3,5,6,7
  • Prerequisite: CIEP 1, 2, 3, 4 OR Inclusive Excellence 1, 2, & 3 and CIEP 4
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CSU Safe Zone Training

CSU Safe Zone training is a 3.5-hour training program hosted through the Pride Resource Center with the objective of reducing homophobia, transphobia and cisheterosexism at CSU and in our surrounding community, thereby making CSU and Northern Colorado a safer environment for all members of our community across sexual and romantic orientations, gender identities and expressions, and intersections of identities. Through our Safe Zone program, we aim to create a network committed to ongoing education and advocacy in order to support LGBTQ communities at CSU and beyond.

Future training dates will be provided soon.

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