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The Office of Inclusive Excellence approaches equity and inclusivity work at Colorado State University with an advocacy framework. When looking through an advocacy lens, organizational change and meaningful work culture progress can only be achieved through a holistic approach, focusing on individual, group, and systemic levels.
We are CSU: The Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Module

CSU is a diverse community. As our CSU Principles of Community state, we have a commitment to inclusion, integrity, respect, service and social justice to create a community where students feel safe, included and able to learn. The Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Module is an important step to help students understand the principles and apply them to their work, education and life.

CSU students have expressed the need through Student Activism for CSU to make additional student education and training related to diversity and inclusion available. In Spring 2021, the Race Bias and Equity Initiative (RBEI) Council approved funding to launch a campus-wide rollout of the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Module for all students. The module will also be integrated into identified coursework with follow-up discussions to deepen student learning of content in intentional spaces.

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Dialogue for Inclusion, Advocacy, and Learning

(DIAL, formerly known as SEED)

The Students Empowering & Engaging in Dialogue for Inclusion, Advocacy, and Learning program provides learning opportunities for CSU students through peer education and discussion. DIAL Workshops cover topics related to diversity, inclusion, and social justice and are peer-led by and for undergraduate students at CSU. You can find a list of frequently requested workshop topics though the DIAL website.

You can request a workshop for a group of CSU undergraduate students (e.g. a program, class, organization, club) by submitting an online workshop request.

If you have any questions about the program and/or workshops you can contact

**Please note that as a peer-to-peer education program, DIAL's workshops are specifically designed and intended for undergraduate CSU students. Graduate students, faculty, and staff can take part in Employee DEI Trainings through the Office for Inclusive Excellence.

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