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University Diversity (IE) Plans

In 2016, The Colorado State University Strategic Plan established diversity, equity, inclusion, and campus climate as a priority and defined goals that all parts of campus should work to accomplish. One of the many ways that these goals are being accomplished is through the creation of Diversity Strategic Plans by each college and division within the institution.

Visit any of the following links to view the Diversity Strategic Plan for each college/division:


The Office of Inclusive Excellence sponsors Institutional Diversity Strategic Plan matching mini-grants through a proposal process. $12,000 was dedicated to projects directly related to goals from divisional 2018-2019 Diversity Strategic Plans and supports eight $1000 and eight $500 matching grants.

To see all of the funded proposals, view the mini-grant table below:

proposal lead
proposal title
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department; College of Natural Sciences
Erin Osborne Nishimura
No report
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BMB) Matrix Lunches: Small, Networking Lunches Will Promote Group Cohesivity and Departmentwide Mentorship
College of Natural Sciences
Abbie Reade
Liz Hysen
Near-Peer Mentoring for Academic Excellence, Inclusion and Service Learning
Computer Science Department
College of Natural Sciences
Albert Lionelle
Pilot Project – Computer Science Undergraduate Mentoring Position Targeting First Generation Students for Fall 2019
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Jozsef Vigh
The First CVMBS Inclusive Pedagogy Workshop for Faculty
College of Health and Human Sciences
Sonali Diddi
CHHS Dining for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion series
Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Melissa Burt
Student Engagement in the Walter Scott Jr., College of Engineering at Colorado State University: Impact and Influence on Student Success
Computer Science Department
College of Natural Sciences
Craig Partridge
No report
Sending Latinx Computer Science Undergrads to the ACM Richard Tapia
Celebration of Diversity in Computing
Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics
College of Agricultural Sciences
Michael Martin
Analysis of the College of Agricultural Sciences Diversity Teaching Inventory
College of Liberal Arts
Rosa Mikeal Martey
No report
CLA Featured Scholarship Symposium