The Office of Inclusive Excellence is committed to promoting a campus environment which recognizes, values, and affirms diversity at Colorado State University. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on our continuing efforts to promote inclusive excellence.

Additional changes to reflect the recent reorganization are underway on this staff page.

Office of Inclusive Excellence Core Staff

Kauline Cipriani

Dr. Kauline Cipriani, Vice President for Inclusive Excellence
She/her/hers | Email Kauline | (970) 491-1964

Shannon Archibeque-Engle

Dr. Shannon Archibeque-Engle, Associate Vice President for Inclusive Excellence
She/her/ella | Email Shannon | (970) 491-2450

Ria Vigil

Ria Vigil, Assistant Vice President for Inclusive Excellence
She/they/Ria | Email Ria | (970) 491-2297

Kathy Sisneros

Kathy Sisneros, Assistant Vice President for Inclusive Excellence
She/her/hers | Email Kathy | (970) 491-TBD

Bridgette Johnson

Bridgette Johnson, Assistant Vice President for Inclusive Excellence 
She/her/hers | Email Bridgette | (970) 491-TBD

Flo King

Fleurette (Flo) King, Equity Educator
She/They/Per | Email Flo| (970) 491-2988

Linda Krier

Linda Krier, Executive Assistant
She/her/hers | Email Linda | (970) 491-1964

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Chrisana Hughes, Executive Assistant
 | Email Chrisana

Alicia Sprague

Alicia Sprague, Program Coordinator
She/her/hers | Email Alicia | (970) 491-6544

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Mimi Lewis, Executive Assistant
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Student Diversity Programs and Services Professional Staff - Coming Soon

About the Office’s Founding Vice President, Mary Ontiveros

As Vice President for Diversity from the office’s formation in 2010 until her retirement on December 31, 2020, Mary Ontiveros led Colorado State’s diversity efforts throughout her nearly 48-year career at CSU. 

An alumna of CSU, Ontiveros was an employee of CSU since 1974, working in leadership positions in Admissions, as a faculty affiliate, and special assistant to the president of CSU-Pueblo. She served on numerous CSU committees, councils, and task forces, and was a member of several professional organizations. You can read more about Mary’s legacy and career at her retirement tribute page.

In August, 2021, the Office of the Vice President for Diversity was renamed the Office of Inclusive Excellence with the hiring of the new Vice President, Dr. Kauline Cipriani.