The Colorado State University Employee Climate Survey, launched in 2012, is administered every three years to all CSU faculty and staff. The Assessment Group for Diversity Issues, a committee of State Classified Personnel, Administrative Professionals and faculty members, supported by the Office of Inclusive Excellence, developed the university-wide metric as a means of assessing the climate of CSU. The Employee Climate Survey was most recently administered in 2018.

Results for the most recent cycle (2018) are located at the bottom of this page.

The Colorado State University Employee Climate Survey has one goal: to assess the current working environment and to inform strategic decisions and investments that allow employees to work in alignment with the land-grant mission. In short, CSU thrives to be an environment where all feel welcomed, valued and affirmed to enable every employee to thrive.


The Assessment Group for Diversity Issues has begun working on plans for the next Employee Climate Survey. The survey moved from a two-year to a three-year cycle in 2019 in order to measure the impact of intentional trainings and organizational changes that may result from the previous cycle’s data.

Employee Climate Survey Cycle:

  • 2021: Survey is administered
  • 2022: Data analysis and unit presentations
  • 2023: Administrators shape policy, introduce new trainings, and collaborate with the Vice President for Diversity on the results
  • 2024: Next survey is administered

How to Engage with the Employee Climate Survey:

  • Take the survey when it is administered and encourage your colleagues to do so as well
  • View the overall reports from the previous cycle (located at the bottom of this page)
  • View your respective unit results and presentation (located at the bottom of this page)
  • Participate with your unit’s administrators on change recommendations

The CSU Employee Climate Survey is made stronger by the participation of the entire employee community. Together, we can work to achieve the goal of being an environment where all feel welcomed, valued and affirmed and employees are able to do their best work and thrive.

2018 Employee Climate Survey Results

Thank you to all that participated and provided valuable feedback on your employment and experiences at CSU. Overall results and division/college level results are posted below. Use this document to answer questions about which college/division your department falls within for the purposes of the survey.

If you would like additional analyses or have questions about the results please contact Shannon Archibeque-Engle in the Office of the Vice President for Diversity.

Additional Data:
Intersectional Takeaways
Transgender/Non-Binary/Gender Non Conforming Report
– Focus Groups
Open Forum Thematic Analysis
– Open Ends