Womxn of Color Network 2022 Summit

Thursday, June 2
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Virtual Keynote open to the CSU Community and Public

The Womxn of Color Network welcomes you to the 2022 Summit Virtual Keynote on Thursday, June 2, 2022 featuring Kimberly Ming. All CSU students, faculty and staff and the public are welcome to attend this virtual event. Kimberly Ming is a multiethnic, multifaceted, multimedia storyteller. 

Womxn of Color Membership Information

The Womxn of Color Network offers community and programming for full-time womxn of color employees (Faculty, Administrative Professionals, and State Classified staff) at Colorado State University.

Programs such as the Annual Womxn of Color Summit and Womxn of Color Luncheons provide opportunities to network, build relationships, and benefit from professional development programs that are specifically presented by and for womxn of color.

Join us!

Do you identify as a womxn of color and are a full-time CSU employee (faculty, Administrative Professional, or State Classified staff)? The Womxn of Color Network is designed for womxn of color by womxn of color. Do you feel this space is designed for you? Click below to fill out our membership application, and the WOCN chairs will contact you directly.