Submissions for the 2022 Symposium for Inclusive Excellence (formerly the Diversity Symposium) are now open! Please apply using the form below. Deadline for submission is Wednesday, August 10th. 2022 Symposium dates are October 17 – 21.

Proposal Submissions

We ask presenters to consider trending topics of diversity, equity and inclusion in higher education; current national and international dynamics; and topics directly relating to equity initiatives at Colorado State. The selection committee reserves the right to select sessions which align with the mission and vision of the Office of Inclusive Excellence. Sessions will be selected based on the criteria below:

Session criteria

  • Presentation creativity – style, format, and title
  • Learning accommodations – consider a wide variety of learning styles and accessibility
  • Audience participation – engaging and interactive sessions tend to be more successful
  • Discussion time – build in enough time for audience discussion and questions
  • Defined target audience – designate the demographic of attendees (for example, undergraduate students, graduate students, community members, faculty and staff, etc.
  • Please note, session windows are 90 minutes in length. 

Symposium for Inclusive Excellence Contact:

Lalo Velazquez (he/him/his)
Graduate Student Symposium Coordinator 

Symposium for Inclusive Excellence Proposal Submission

  • Under job title, please enter ‘student’ if the presenter is a CSU student
    First Name Last Name Job Title Organization  
  • Comprehensive of all presenters listed above. 100 words or less per presenter.
  • Presentation Information

    Symposium for Inclusive Excellence presentations are scheduled for 90 minute windows. Presenters can use this time in whichever way makes the most sense for their topic, such as 75 minutes of presentation followed by 15 minutes of Q&A, 60 minutes of presentation followed by 30 minutes of optional discussion afterwords, etc.
  • Please indicate which audiences within the CSU community would be most interested in your presentation topic, such as faculty, staff, students, graduate students, community members, educators, mentors, supervisors, everyone, etc.
  • Please demonstrate what you plan to present, including broad topics, discussion prompts, small group time, whether the presentation is interactive or lecture-style, etc.
  • Please choose the topic(s) or term(s) to best describe your session to assist attendees in selecting sessions that best fit their interest areas (select all of the categories that are relevant to your presentation). If you would like to add a category, please check “other” and fill out the box below.

  • Presentation Format

    Due to the ever-changing nature of the pandemic and in an effort to center our most vulnerable community members and continue increasing accessibility, the 2022 Symposium for Inclusive Excellence will be largely held in a virtual setting via Zoom, with limited in-person events. To assist our team with proposal selections and format decisions, the following questions indicate your willingness to present in two different formats: virtual and in person. Please answer yes to the formats you are open to presenting in.
  • Please note: the final format of your session will be determined by the Planning Committee based on interest and availability

  • Please note: the final format of your session will be determined by the Planning Committee based on interest and availability

  • Please select all days and times which work for your schedule during this year’s Symposium.

  • Are you interested in being a 2022 CSU Inspire speaker? CSU Inspire is a featured event of the Symposium, bringing together 5-10 TED Talk-like sessions led by CSU faculty, staff, and students. Topics are focused on sharing engaging and inspiring initiatives happening on our campus and/or personal stories in relation to social justice, in short 8-minute presentations. Know of someone who would be a great CSU Inspire speaker? Email nominations to Sam Boren at

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